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Unanticipated Acceleration in Returns
Oppenheimer Mid Cap Value Fund  (QVSCX)
11:25 AM ET June 16 2017
Although out-of-favor stocks are generally facing serious business challenges, many of these companies could become profitable opportunities if an investment strategy takes into account how core issues are reflected in metrics, both historical and projected. Laton Spahr and Eric Hewitt, portfolio managers of the Oppenheimer Mid Cap Value Fund, apply the unorthodox approach to understanding value as a function of expectations at the company and market level, with the objective to identify and evaluate unexpected positive changes. >>

Pairing Active Managers for Alpha Generation
Wilshire Small Company Growth Fund  (DTSGX, WSMGX)
11:23 AM ET June 15 2017
When distinguished fund managers are paired in a single fund, investors have a higher probability of generating returns with the potential to exceed market averages. Nathan Palmer explains how the Wilshire Small Company Growth Fund benefits from a mix of complementary investment approaches aimed at reducing active and total risk in the portfolio in addition to delivering consistency. >>

High-Quality Businesses With Short-Term Valuation Opportunities
Madison Small Cap Fund  (MASVX)
11:51 AM ET June 06 2017
Although the small-cap universe is made up of a large number of companies, few names receive analyst coverage and investor attention on a consistent basis. Moreover, these stocks are easily ignored or avoided if the companies fall off from the growth trajectory or face temporary problems. Timothy McCormack explains how the Madison Small Cap Fund offers opportunities to long-term investors with the help of resources to research broader investment perspectives. >>

Searching for Quality in Small Caps
Aberdeen U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund  (GSXAX)
10:08 AM ET June 01 2017
Small-cap companies have many opportunities to grow revenues and earnings, but not all of them are resourceful enough to harvest this type of growth. Ralph Bassett, portfolio manager of the Aberdeen U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund, applies a long-term perspective to building a concentrated portfolio of companies with capable management and sustainable competitive characteristics. >>

The Multi-Manager Way to a Broader Reach
Russell U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund  (RLACX, RLESX)
10:32 AM ET May 31 2017
With thousands of companies to consider in the small-cap universe, many of the single-manager funds find it increasingly difficult to exploit the full range of opportunities in this segment of the market. Megan Roach explains how a multi-manager investment model built around best-in-class managers and appropriate risk control helps Russell Investmentsí U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund provide investors with solutions for a broader range of outcomes. >>

Diversified, Systematic, and Adaptive
QS U.S. Small Capitalization Equity Fund  (LMSIX)
9:53 AM ET May 25 2017
Small-cap companies provide a fertile ground for active managers with a systematic approach and the support of a dedicated research team. Stephen Lanzendorf, portfolio manager of the QS U.S. Small Capitalization Equity Fund, explains how the wider spread between outperforming and underperforming small-cap stocks offers numerous opportunities to managers whose process is multi-faceted and flexible enough for this less liquid segment of the market. >>

Multi-Manager Investing for a Smoother Ride
American Beacon Small Cap Value Fund  (AVFIX, ABSAX)
11:06 AM ET May 19 2017
A key advantage of multi-manager funds, among other benefits for individual investors, is the ability to provide access to high quality sub-advisors through their expertise and scale. Portfolio manager Cynthia Thatcher follows a disciplined process of identifying, monitoring and allocating capital to a selection of value managers under American Beaconís investment model. >>

A Deeper Dive in Deeper Value Stocks
AB Discovery Value Fund  (ABASX, ABYSX)
7:32 AM ET May 17 2017
A chronically underfollowed segment of the market, the small-cap arena has become even more complex for investors with its increasingly global nature in recent years. James MacGregor explains how the AB Discovery Value Fund benefits from a rigorous approach to active management and a steady flow of insights from the firmís global analysts. >>

Active and Diversified in Bonds
11:01 AM ET May 12 2017
U.S. interest rates have been so low for so long that the possibility of a rate increase is one of the largest embedded risks in the widely followed bond market indices. Joseph Higgins, portfolio manager of the TIAA-CREF Bond Fund, keeps risk at the forefront by seeking to mitigate volatility and achieve diversification both in terms of assets and returns. >>

Cash for Free Cash Flows
Delaware Small Cap Value Fund  (DEVLX)
8:57 AM ET May 03 2017
Separating winners from losers among myriad companies is never easy in the small-cap universe. Christopher S. Beck, portfolio manager of the Delaware Small Cap Value Fund, and the members of his team combine quantitative and qualitative research to identify companies that have the financial strength and proven capacity to generate steady free cash flow. >>

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