About Us

The process of long-term investing demands philosophy, analytical framework and reliable data.

For decades, investors have been forced to spend more time in finding and collecting reliable data even with the acceleration of digitization.

ticker platform consists of reliable data feeds, a toolkit of analytical tools and personalization of quantitative and qualitative screens and rules.

Since 1999, ticker has refined its data collection techniques, enhanced analytical toolset and expanded personalization options.

ticker platform includes historical data sets, investor toolkit, and investment research personalization.

ticker historical data set covers the U.S. economy, U.S. stocks, IPOs, ETFs and mutual funds, global market indexes, currencies, and commodities.

Dig deeper into financial statements, analyze corporate performance and earnings, keep up with earnings and economic calendars, compare stocks and review long term economic trends.

Learn elements of successful investment strategies and philosophies with the help of our proprietary fund manager database.

Identify short and long term outlooks for the latest initial public offerings using our proprietary IPO database and ranking system.

Investors, investment managers, advisors and planners use our tools to simplify and structure their investment research process.

Pension funds, asset managers and allocators rely on our platform to refine their investment strategies with the help of our custom tools.

Popular press and trade publications integrate our data feeds, annual performance tables and category based returns of mutual funds and ETFs to educate their audience.