S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
Canada Mutual Funds Archive

(TML737) Favor the Out of Favored
Templeton Global Smaller Companies Fund
11:39 AM ET August 22 2011
Quality businesses go in and out of favor for reasons that are beyond the control of a company’s management team. However, companies with long-term fundamentals eventually regain investors’ trust and valuations return to long-term averages. Martin Cobb at Templeton looks for small companies that are temporarily out of favor but with solid fundamentals. >>

(EPL4524) Diversified High Yield Opportunities
Manulife Yield Opportunities Fund
10:20 AM ET April 01 2011
Investing in high yield bonds offers higher interest income than government bonds together with the opportunity to match the returns of equities. At the Manulife Yield Opportunities Fund, portfolio managers Terry Carr and Konstantin Kizunov maintain a diversified portfolio of corporate bonds, as they seek to lower volatility and investing risks. >>

(EPL4560) Income In Preference
Manulife Preferred Income Fund
12:14 AM ET March 15 2011
As the demand for yields is steadily on the rise, many investors seem to overlook preferred shares when compared to high yield bonds. Randy LeClair, portfolio manager of the Manulife Preferred Income Fund, explains how the special treatment of dividends in Canada generates additional return opportunities. >>

(EXL111) Value in Emerging Market Debt
Excel EM High Income Fund
11:01 AM ET January 21 2011
With the rise of emerging market economies, sovereign and corporate bonds have appreciated to gradually become investment class. Serge Strigo sheds light on how Excel EM High Income Fund, sub-advised by Amundi Asset Management, looks for investment opportunities in debt securities across these fast growing economies. >>

(PHN660) Income Engine
PH&N Monthly Income Fund
10:58 AM ET January 17 2011
Investors seeking stable income often turn to interest income, dividends and capital gains. PH&N Monthly Income Fund aims to achieve the stability of income through a diversified portfolio of bonds in combination with added income through dividends and investing in companies with a track record of sustainable earnings growth. >>

(EXL109) Rising Returns in Emerging Markets
Excel Emerging Markets Fund
9:09 AM ET January 14 2011
Emerging markets have largely attracted foreign funds as the young people of today are becoming consumers of today and tomorrow. Buoyed by rising wages and new infrastructure, emerging economies are offering lots of investment opportunities and above-average returns in their markets. Paul Mesburis of Excel Emerging Markets Fund explains how the fund seeks to take advantage of these favorable factors. >>

(FE/291; BE/281; LL/3324) Balanced to Protect Downside Risks
Mackenzie Sentinel Income Fund
10:13 AM ET February 24 2010
At the core of every balanced fund is the strife to achieve the equilibrium of steady returns through investing in bonds and growth through a careful stock selection. The management team of the Mackenzie Sentinel Income Fund is mindful of investors’ needs to protect their wealth and generate dependable returns through close following of benchmark indices. >>

(STO*CDN.TO) Counting Total Return
Stone & Co. Dividend Growth Fund
2:05 PM ET January 18 2010
Stable earnings and steady growth with dividends are two major prerequisites for consistent returns among large companies. Martin Anstee, portfolio manager of the Stone & Co. Dividend Growth Fund, looks for companies in Canada and the U.S. that are out of favor but financially strong and delivering at least 10% in total return per year. >>

(N/A) Black Gold
Franklin MENA Fund
9:32 AM ET January 12 2010
In the eyes of the global investor, the Middle East and North Africa region has emerged as an intriguing combination of natural and human resources. As the well-known oil and natural gas reserves secure steady inflows of capital into the region, a young population guarantees the bright outlook for local consumption. Joe Kawkabani explains why Franklin’s MENA Fund is suitable for investors with a long-term outlook. >>

(NBC194) Values in Asia Pacific
Altamira Asia Pacific Fund
2:14 PM ET December 01 2009
Investing in Asia is complex for a number of reasons stretching from a vast landscape with many nations and cultures to a mixed pool of economies at a different stage of development. Justin Nightingale, portfolio manager of the Altamira Asia Pacific Fund, focuses companies that have unique competitive advantage and stable growth characteristics. >>

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