S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Bullion Mutual Fund, Alternative to ETF
Gold Bullion Strategy Fund  (QGLDX)
3:39 PM ET December 21 2013
Gold is familiar to investors for its rare qualities and preferred as a store of value, but investors have been limited in replicating gold bullion returns through financial instruments. Investors have embraced gold exchange traded funds but they come with inherent operating costs, higher capital gains tax cost and limitations for retirement accounts. >>

Macro Themes for Perception Gaps
Eaton Vance Richard Bernstein Equity Strategy Fund  (ERBAX)
12:41 AM ET December 16 2013
Generally fund managers are known for their security selection and generating excess returns to market averages. However, managing risks in the fund is equally or more important for generating long term returns. Richard Bernstein looks for gaps between perception and reality around the world and focuses on macro-economic indicators to select investment themes. >>

Floating Loans for Floating Rates
MainStay Floating Rate Fund  (MXFAX)
12:44 AM ET November 18 2013
Companies issuing high yield bonds are also among the largest issuers of floating rate loans. Loans are customarily secured whereas high yield bonds are not. In addition, loans are tied to a base rate with short term duration, so when rates begin to rise from the current historic lows, rates on loans will also adjust to higher rates, an attractive feature for many investors. >>

Municipal Bond Advantage
Dupree Municipal Funds  (DUALX)
12:36 AM ET November 11 2013
Income from our single-state funds are generally tax-free and also AMT-free. All of our funds are no-load and we do not have a 12b-1 fee, which are two common pitfalls for investors in single-state muni funds. >>

Total Returns Though MLPs
Salient MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund II  (SMLPX)
2:55 PM ET November 07 2013
Developing energy infrastructure is typically capital intensive, and the U.S. Congress has offered tax incentives to companies and investors that operate under the Master Limited Partnership structure. The Salient MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund II invests in approximately 30 of the 120 publicly traded MLPs and energy infrastructure companies and is focused on owning what they believe to be the companies with the highest growth potential. >>

Multi-Manager Alternative Approach
Collins Alternative Solution Fund  (CLLIX)
12:45 AM ET November 05 2013
Most investors do not have access to hedge fund strategies that are not dependent on the market direction. The alternative investment landscape has evolved in the last two decades to offer several strategies from macro to activism to arbitrage. Collins Capital offers a multi-manager alternative investment fund that provides access to a diversified mix of hedge fund strategies in one fund with the ease of a mutual fund structure. >>

Quality Bias and Price Conscious
FAM Value Fund  (FAMVX)
10:18 AM ET October 29 2013
Companies with sustainable business models do run into temporary troubles and investors are quick to sell stocks. Careful and patient investors can take time to analyze the companies that are out of favor for temporary reasons and discover values that are eventually realized by the broader market. John Fox, co-manager Thomas Putnam and the in-house team of researchers look for companies that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic values. >>

Striking Right Upside Downside Risk Balance
ING Intermediate Bond Fund  (IIBAX)
3:11 PM ET October 28 2013
Fixed income securities are issued by governments and corporations of varying financial health with differing maturities. Researching these securities in various sectors demands in-depth research. Matt Toms and his team of managers and analysts look to strike the right balance among various classes of securities that offer the best upside potential and least downside risk. >>

Global Dividend Payers
Dreyfus Global Equity Income Fund  (DEQAX)
2:23 PM ET October 25 2013
We believe a broad, global perspective on investment opportunities and risk is of paramount importance to investors, particularly in the current volatile investment environment. At Newton, our global thematic investment process provides this perspective, guiding our research analysts and investment managers. The global equity income team uses this process to construct actively managed portfolios aligned with long-term objectives and focused upon high quality income generating holdings. >>

Balanced Approach to Investing in Emerging Markets
Schroders Emerging Markets Equity Fund  (SEMNX)
12:10 AM ET October 24 2013
Emerging markets have been leading the world economic growth for the last two decades. With young populations, improving corporate governance and stronger fiscal management, once emerging economies have built a strong financial heft and developed large global corporations. Allan Conway and his team takes a balanced approach to investing where country allocation is just as important to stock selection. >>

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