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Record July Auto Sales; Ford Leads Industry Growth in 2013

Author: Mukesh Buch
Last Update: 12:54 PM ET August 05 2013

12:50 PM New York U.S. auto industry recorded its best July month sales since 2006. Passenger car sales rose 12.6% and light truck sales soared 15.4% and total vehicle sales advanced 14% in the month. Ford led the industry sales in the year so far.

U.S. auto sales jumped to a record high in the month of July bolstered by generous incentives from auto makers, rising in consumer confidence, increasing of home values and slow improvement in hiring.

U.S. total light-vehicle sales increased 14% in July to 1.31 million vehicles from 1.15 million in the month a year ago.

Car sales in the first seven months in the year jumped 5.6% and light truck sales climbed 15.4%.

According to the data released by Autodata Corp., total industry sales jumped 14% from a year ago month and posted the best July sales since 2006.

July industry sales increase was led by Honda followed by Toyota and Honda. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Mazda, Daimler Benz and Nissan reported double-digit sales gains in July.

In the month, passenger cars climbed 12.6% to 657,404 from 583,667 and sales of light trucks soared 15.4% to 657,790 compared to 570,015 in the month a year ago.

123jump research team reaffirmed its 2013 annual sales estimate between 15.5 million and 16 million.

For the year-to-date, total light vehicle sales jumped 8.5% to 9.14 million. Cars sales increased 5.6% to 4.65 million and light trucks sales surged 11.8% to 4.49 million.

Seasonally adjusted annual sales rate in July increased to 15.80 million from 15.88 million in June and from 14.21 million in the month a year ago.

For the year so far, Ford sales led the industry with a rise of 12.9%, Chrysler sales jumped 9.2% and General Motors sales jumped 9.1%.

Ford Lead Industry Sales

General Motors (GM) sales jumped 16.3% to 234,071 units from 201,237. Sales of light vehicles climbed 12.1% to 145,736 from 130,037 and car sales surged 24.1% to 88,335. Sales for the year advanced 9% to 1,654,417 from 1,516,950.

Ford Motor Company (F) sales soared 11.3% to 193,080 units from 173,482 vehicles a year ago. Truck sales in the month surged 15.1% to 128,536 from 111,679.

Sales of passenger cars rose 4.4% to 64,544 units compared to 61,803 a year ago. In July, sales of Fusion declined 12% to 20,522 compared to 23,326 a year ago. For the year-to-date, Fusion sales climbed 13.4% to 181,668 from 160,175.

Ford said Escape sales increased 4% to 22,343 and Focus sales rose 1.9% to 16,764 units compared to 16,454 a year ago. Sales of Fiesta surged 88.9% to 7,667 from 4,059.

Chrysler LLC sales in the month climbed 11.1% to 140,102 from 126,089 vehicles a year ago. Sales of car jumped 13.7% to 37,461 and light truck gained 10.2% to 102,641. For the year so far, sales increased 9.2% to 1,048,434 from 960,157.

Honda Leads Asian Makers in Monthly Sales Growth

Toyota Motor sales in July surged 17.3% to 193,394 from 164,898 in the same period a year earlier. Car sales soared 22% to 109,547 from 89,820 and light trucks climbed 11.7% to 83,847 from 75,078 a year ago. For the year to the month, sales increased 7.5% to 1.3 million.

Honda sales in the month surged 20.9% to 141,439 from 1196,944 a year ago. Car sales in the month advanced 16.4% to 75,396 from 64,788 and sales of the light trucks soared 26.6% to 66,043 compared to 52,156 a year ago. For the year so far, sales gained 8.4% to 887,017 from 817,926.

Acura sales in the month climbed 18.1% to 15,150 units from a year ago month. Accord sales jumped 10% to 31,507 units. The Acura RDX sales recorded its fifteenth-consecutive monthly record sales and reached 3,936.

The Civic sales increased 29.6% to 32,416 units.
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Sources: Data collected by 123jump.com and Ticker.com from company press releases, filings and corporate websites. Market data: BATS Exchange. Inc