Putnam Funds(14)

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Jul 15, 2013

The bank loan market has evolved over the past decade. Secured bank loans along with high yields bonds have become a key component in many companies’ capital structures and allow many non-investment grade companies to effectively access the capital markets. Paul D. Scanlon and a team of managers and analysts look for bank loans issued by large companies that are expected to enjoy strong cash flows, have strong collateral, and offer good risk-adjusted returns.

Global Opportunities

Putnam Global Equity Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Apr 09, 2013

Markets around the world are more linked and connected than in the past and a change in one part of the world can create opportunity to benefit somewhere else. With a team of 40 analysts, Shep Perkins and his team search for global changes that can create an investment opportunity.

Dividend Matters

Putnam Equity Income Fund

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Nov 27, 2012

Companies that have the ability and the willingness to pay dividends are quite attractive to long-term investors. Darren A. Jaroch, portfolio manager of the Putnam Equity Income Fund, and his team scour various sectors for out-of-favor companies with a track record of sustaining and growing dividends.

Picking the Best Outcomes

Putnam Income Fund

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Jul 23, 2012

Whether issued by a government or a corporation, fixed income securities will always vary by their risk profiles. Michael Salm, portfolio manager of the Putnam Income Fund, harnesses a risk analysis-based approach while searching for securities and regions in the world that are likely to deliver better returns in line with scenario projections.

Risk Parity

Putnam Dynamic Risk Allocation Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Oct 31, 2011

Most diversified funds allocate assets across various investment categories but rarely focus on the kinds of risk they are exposed to and the amount of risk they take on. Jeffrey L. Knight and his team build their portfolio based on the concept of risk parity to equalize risks across various investment instruments.

Diversified Absolute Return

Putnam Absolute Return Funds

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Feb 18, 2009

Turbulent times often call for innovative moves. In an environment of negative sentiment and investor pessimism at historical levels, Putnam Investments has rolled out a suite of four absolute return funds on the back of the asset manager’s expertise in global asset allocation and global fixed income investing.

Convertible Gains

Putnam Convertible Income-Growth Trust

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Nov 12, 2008

Blending stock research and growth outlook with a thorough assessment of credit opportunities is key to successful investing in the convertible market. Portfolio manager David King utilizes Putnam’s extensive expertise in credit equity analysis and credit research at a global level to gain advantage for the Putnam Convertible Income-Growth Trust.

Navigating for High Yields

Putnam High Yield Advantage Fund


Mar 28, 2008

Navigating through the high-yield sea of opportunities can be rough, as one has to be mindful of the high risk of defaults. That is why Paul Scanlon, the manager of the Putnam High Yield Advantage Fund, believes that it all comes down to sufficient expertise, resources, and a rigorous and risk-controlled process. The fund also relies on diversification and granularity to capture the opportunities and minimize the risks.

Exploiting Negative Emotions

Putnam International Capital Opportunities Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Dec 13, 2007

Focusing on the little-known arena of international small and mid-cap companies requires substantial enterprise and research. Joe Joseph and Randy Farina, portfolio managers of the Putnam International Capital Opportunities Fund, have built a portfolio comprising of the bottom 20% of international small cap companies, from developed markets by adopting a unique investment strategy of exploiting people’s emotions arising from stock price fluctuations.

Selecting Stocks Globally

Putnam Global Equity Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Oct 17, 2007

Identifying the right stocks in a vast global universe of over 2,500 stocks is both cumbersome and difficult. Shigeki Makino and Brad Greenleaf, portfolio managers for Putnam Global Equity Fund, and their global team of experts carry out this task by utilizing a process that blends quantitative and fundamental analysis, which they believe will deliver consistent returns and outperform their global benchmark.

The Probability to Outperform

Putnam International Equity Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Aug 08, 2007

Scouring a large universe of international stocks to find the ones with best chances to outperform, is indeed a difficult task. Joshua Byrne, the manager of the Putnam International Equity Fund, relies on a long-term view, a disciplined process, a team of 20 sector analysts, and a blend between quantitative and fundamental analysis to find multiple points of confirmation that the stocks in his portfolio have all it takes to outperform.

A Diversified World of Income Strategies

Putnam Diversified Income Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Jun 06, 2007

Using the complexity in the contemporary global fixed income landscape, Putnam Diversified Income Trust looks to build a dynamic pool of income earning strategies. Portfolio manager Bill Kohli and his team of specialists aim at identifying interesting investment strategies and finding a way to reduce the risk of overexposure to any one sector.

Truly and Comprehensively Diversified

Putnam Asset Allocation Growth Fund

US> Small-Cap > Value

Mar 06, 2007

For Jeffrey Knight, portfolio leader of the Putnam Global Asset Allocation Growth Fund, active management means top-down allocation across asset classes, countries, sizes, and sectors, as well as a bottom-up approach within each category. With more than 2,000 holdings, the fund’s goal is to achieve the right balance of the diversified holdings. Emphasizing the collective characteristics of the holdings, the fund relies on quantitative research for all the decisions.

In Search of Growth and Value

Putnam Investors Fund

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Jul 18, 2005

The stock market is generally efficient over time, but does make mistakes in evaluating businesses, especially when overwhelmed by negative macroeconomic trends or controversial situations. That’s the perfect opportunity for the Putnam Investors Fund. Unconstrained by a narrow growth or value universe, its managers focus on valuing businesses better than the market and capitalize on the gap between the stock price and the intrinsic value of the business behind it.