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We estimate that over 30 million American adults have chronic lower back pain. Published clinical studies have shown that 15% to 30% of all chronic lower back pain is associated with the SI-Joint. For patients whose chronic lower back pain stems from the Sacroiliac Joint (“SI-Joint”), our experience in both clinical trials and commercial settings indicates the system to be introduced by Tenon could be beneficial for patients who are properly diagnosed and screened for surgery by trained healthcare providers. In 2019, approximately 475,000 patients in the United States were estimated to have received an aesthetic injection to temporarily alleviate pain emanating from the SI-Joint and/or to diagnose SI-Joint pain. Additionally, a number of non-surgical technologies have been introduced in the past 10 years to address patients who do not respond to injection therapy, including systemic oral medications and opioids. To date, the penetration of a surgical solution for this market has been relatively low (5-7%). We believe this is due to complex surgical approaches and suboptimal implant design of existing options. The penetration of this market with an optimized surgical solution is Tenon’s focus. We believe the SI-Joint is the last major joint to be successfully addressed by the orthopaedic implant industry. Studies have shown that disability resulting from disease of the SI-Joint is comparable to the disability associated with a number of other serious orthopaedic conditions, such as knee and hip arthritis and degenerative disc disease, each of which has surgical solutions where an implant is used and a multi-billion-dollar market exists.

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Nov 1, 2018

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