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We are an early-stage bioscience company that focuses on research, development and commercialization of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of neurocognitive disorders and degeneration, specifically ADHD and ASD. Our goal is to improve the lives of ADHD and ASD patients, their families and caregivers and become a market leader for the best treatment of ADHD and ASD globally. We started in Hong Kong in 2014 with main operation and assets in Hong Kong. We aim to launch three liquid-based standardized TCM formulae candidates for mild, moderate and severe ADHD and ASD patients in Hong Kong first and subsequently to other markets as we deem appropriate.

We strategically partner with Mr. Sik-Kee Au, our TCM Practitioner, the father of our CEO and director. We have three standardized TCM formulae candidates under development targeting mild, moderate and severe ADHD and ASD conditions. We plan to commence our second research study using the three standardized TCM formulae candidates in the second quarter of 2021.

Our TCM formulae candidates are derived from a TCM base formula and an adjustable formula developed by our TCM Practitioner based on his TCM brain theory, known as “Sik-Kee Au TCM Brain Theory™”, and has demonstrated some improvement in patients’ condition using the personalized TCM formula in our first research study. The activity and specificity of the TCM base formula have been optimized by the TCM Practitioner in his prior ADHD and ASD treatments. As of the date hereof, the TCM Practitioner has standardized the adjustable formula into three standardized formulae for mild, moderate and severe ADHD and ASD conditions.

The TCM brain theory is not recognized in general literature of TCM or elsewhere. However, the TCM Practitioner has prescribed the TCM base formula based on his TCM brain theory for over 30 years to treat ADHD, ASD and many neurological illnesses, disorders and degeneration and obtained satisfactory clinical treatment results. Such clinical treatment results are not supported by controlled clinical data or trials.

We have been headquartered in Hong Kong since our inception. In October 2020, we opened our California office. Currently, we are not actively developing the U.S. market and will conduct preliminary market research once our TCM products obtain regulatory approvals and achieve success in Hong Kong. We have been keeping books and records in Hong Kong since our inception. Our research study and supply of TCM raw materials are in Hong Kong. As we are still at the stage of TCM treatment research, we have not applied for regulatory approvals, we have no sales, marketing or distribution capabilities or experience, and no granted patents or pending patent applications, and we have not generated revenues since inception.

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