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We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing small molecule product candidates that target lysine-specific demethylase 1, or LSD1, an enzyme that plays a central role in the production of blood cells in the bone marrow. We are focused on improving the quality of life of patients with cancer and bone marrow diseases in addition to prolonging their lives. Our lead product candidate is bomedemstat for the treatment of certain myeloproliferative neoplasms, or MPNs, a family of related, chronic cancers of the bone marrow.

The three most common MPNs are myelofibrosis, or MF, essential thrombocythemia, or ET, and polycythemia vera, or PV. We are currently enrolling patients in a Phase 2 clinical trial of bomedemstat for the treatment of ET, and have completed enrollment for a Phase 2 clinical trial of bomedemstat for the treatment of MF. In our Phase 2 clinical trial in ET through May 18, 2021, interim and unaudited data from 28 patients demonstrates that a significant proportion of patients achieved a platelet count in the normal range within eight weeks. In our Phase 2 clinical trial in MF through May 17, 2021, interim and unaudited data from 86 patients demonstrates that bomedemstat has resulted in improvements in patient symptoms, reductions in spleen volume and reduction in mutant allele frequency, or MAF, the proportion of blood cells with mutations that drive this disease. We believe bomedemstat has the potential to address unmet medical need in MF as a monotherapy as well as in combination with inhibitors of Janus-associated kinase. Bomedemstat has been generally well-tolerated in both ET and MF patients in these trials.

We are pursuing the development of bomedemstat as a potentially disease-modifying therapy in ET and MF to address the limitations of currently approved therapies. Based on the current rate of enrollment for the Phase 2 clinical trial in ET, we expect to receive FDA clearance for a registrational Phase 3 clinical trial for ET in 2022, with the first patient dosed thereafter. In addition, in 2021, we expect to support an investigator-sponsored Phase 2 clinical trial of bomedemstat in combination with ruxolitinib for the treatment of patients with MF.

LSD1, discovered in 2004, is one of over one hundred known epigenetic proteins that regulate gene expression through chemical modifications of proteins, RNA and DNA. LSD1 regulates the maturation of blood stem cells and is essential for the differentiation of progenitor cells into mature megakaryocytes and granulocytes. Given the critical role that LSD1 plays in the function of malignant blood cells, targeting LSD1 for the treatment of blood cancers offers a new mechanism for the treatment of diseases associated with high morbidity and mortality.

While LSD1 is rarely mutated in cancer, elevated levels of wild-type LSD1 are common in many blood cancers and solid tumors and correlate with a poor prognosis in high-risk prostate and breast cancer patients. In published animal studies, inhibiting LSD1 has had potent anti-tumor effects in cancer models including those for acute myeloid leukemia, or AML, prostate cancer and breast cancer. In addition, inhibiting LSD1 in combination with a PD-1 inhibitor, or a BCL-2 inhibitor such as venetoclax, has been shown to stop the growth of tumor cells, in contrast to the limited activity of either compound alone. 

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