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We provide wireless broadband networking infrastructure solutions for network operators, including medium-sized wireless Internet service providers, enterprises and government agencies. Our scalable, reliable and high performance solutions create a purpose built wireless fabric which connects people, places and things across distances ranging from two meters to more than 100 kilometers, indoors and outdoors, using licensed and unlicensed spectrum, at attractive economics.

Our wireless fabric includes intelligent radios, smart antennas, RF algorithms, wireless-aware switches and network management software. Our embedded proprietary RF technology and software enables automated optimization of data flow at the outermost points in the network, which we refer to as the “intelligent edge.” This intelligent edge offers network operators increased performance, visibility, control and management, as well as the ability to efficiently transfer large amounts of data back to enterprise data centers for fast and efficient analysis and decision-making, even in conditions characterized by a high degree of interfering signals generated both within the network or from outside sources, which we refer to as noise.

Our solutions are deployed by medium-sized wireless Internet service providers and enterprises, including petrochemical, military, state and local government, education, hospitality, rail, utility, industrial and other network operators that use our technology to connect a wide range of network assets from traditional offices to complex sensor networks. Network operators deploy our enterprise-grade solutions to take advantage of their scalability, intelligence, reliability, attractive economics and ease of deployment. 


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