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We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a novel class of medicines, which we refer to as Bicycles, for diseases that are underserved by existing therapeutics. Bicycles are fully synthetic short peptides constrained to form two loops which stabilize their structural geometry.

This constraint is designed to confer high affinity and selectivity and the relatively large surface area presented by the molecule allows targets to be drugged that have historically been intractable to non-biological approaches. Bicycles are a unique therapeutic modality combining the pharmacology usually associated with a biologic with the manufacturing and pharmacokinetic, or PK, properties of a small molecule. Bicycles are excreted by the kidney rather than the liver and have shown no signs of immunogenicity to date, which we believe together support a favorable toxicological profile.

We have a novel and proprietary phage display screening platform which we use to identify Bicycles in an efficient manner. The platform initially displays linear peptides on the surface of engineered bacteriophages, or phages, before "on-phage" cyclization with a range of small molecule scaffolds which can confer differentiated physicochemical and structural properties.

Our platform encodes quadrillions of potential Bicycles which can be screened to identify molecules for optimization to potential product candidates. We have used this powerful screening technology to identify our current portfolio of candidates in oncology and intend to use it in conjunction with our collaborators to seek to develop additional future candidates across a range of other disease areas.

Our initial internal programs are focused on oncology indications with high unmet medical need. Our lead product candidate, BT1718, is a Bicycle Toxin Conjugate, or BTC. This Bicycle is being developed to target tumors that express Membrane Type 1 matrix metalloprotease, or MT1-MMP. The Bicycle is chemically attached to a toxin that when administered is cleaved from the Bicycle and kills the tumor cells. BT1718 is being investigated for safety, tolerability and efficacy in an ongoing Phase I/IIa clinical trial in collaboration with, and fully funded by, the Centre for Drug Development of Cancer Research UK, or CRUK.

We expect to report preliminary data from the Phase I part of this clinical trial in the second half of 2019. We are also developing BT5528 and BT8009, which are BTCs targeting Ephrin type-A receptor 2, or EphA2, and Nectin-4, respectively, for oncology indications. We are currently conducting Investigational New Drug application, or IND, -enabling activities for BT5528 and BT8009. Our discovery pipeline in oncology includes Bicycle-targeted innate immune activators as well as T-cell modulators. 


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