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We are pioneering a policy-centric approach to security and IT operations. We transform enterprises’ security operations by helping them visualize, define and enforce a unified security policy across complex, heterogeneous IT and cloud environments.

Our products govern how individuals, systems and applications are permitted to communicate and provide policy-based security automation, enabling customers to reduce the time to implement complex network changes from days to minutes.

Our solutions increase business agility, eliminate errors from manual processes and ensure continuous compliance through a single console. Since our inception, our solutions have been purchased by over 2,000 customers in over 70 countries, including approximately 15% of the Global 2000.

Cybersecurity is critical for enterprises of all sizes. As enterprises embrace digital transformation and adopt new technologies such as cloud-based services, software-defined networks, microservices and containers, the IT and cloud environments become increasingly complex and vulnerable to attack.

In response to the heightened threat environment, lack of a defined network perimeter and a constantly changing attack surface, enterprises continue to implement additional firewalls, endpoint security, identity and access management and other security solutions. However, we believe most enterprises lack effective and comprehensive security policy management.

For example, enterprises often rely on their in-house network and security teams to manually process change requests, which increases the risk of human error and cybersecurity vulnerabilities and delays the pace of application releases. This results in a trade-off between the necessary security posture and business requirements for speed, agility and innovation.

We believe a new approach to enterprise security is necessary: a data-driven framework centered on policy management and operationalized through policy-based automation, enhancing compliance and security while improving operational efficiency. To address this need, we have developed highly differentiated technology with four main pillars:
• Policy-centric approach. We enable enterprises to visualize, define and enforce a unified security policy that acts as the foundation of governance and control, replacing ad-hoc configurations across fragmented networks.
• Automation of network changes. We automate the network change process across complex, heterogeneous environments, increasing business agility, enabling faster application deployment and reducing human error.
• Data-driven. Our approach draws data from across a customer’s IT and cloud environments, providing insights on connectivity and end-to-end visibility across the network.
• Open and extensible framework. Our open solutions serve as a centralized control layer for our customers’ networks and can connect to a wide range of third-party technologies through APIs.


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