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We are a leading amateur esports community and content platform offering a personalized experience to the large and underserved global audience of 2.3 billion gamers, as estimated by NewZoo. According to the Electronic Software Association, the avid gamer, identified as individuals who are considered the most frequent gamers, sees gameplay as central to their social life with 55% playing video games to connect with friends and 46% to spend time with family members. Through our proprietary, cloud-based technology platform, we connect our network of gamers, venues and brand partners to enable local, social and competitive esports that can be uniquely broadcast through our platform. We offer daily and season-focused offerings for which amateur competitive gamers establish meaningful connections with each other while improving their skills.

As a first-mover in defining the amateur esports category in 2015, we believe we are one of the most recognizable brands for amateur gamers. We have multi-year strategic partnerships with leading game publishers such as Microsoft and Riot Games with titles including Minecraft and League of Legends, respectively, as well as relationships with Supercell and Epic Games with respect to Clash Royale and Fortnite, respectively, to drive use among our member base and further penetrate our target market. We deliver enhanced gaming experiences to our members with these titles through our platform, and we provide our venue and brand partners access to our member network and platform technology. We believe our members and the organizations that use our platform are only beginning to leverage the power of the consumer experience, commercial benefits, and data analytics our technology enables. Targeting Generation Z and Millennials, members join through accessible, free-to-play experiences allowing us to reach the expansive amateur gaming market. We intend to convert members into subscribers by offering two tiers of competitive gameplay engagement: (i) our monthly subscription for the more casual competitive player, offering access to exclusive online tournaments and member benefits; and (ii) our semi-annual season pass for the more competitive player offering access to our city leagues and advanced amateur esports offers along with membership rewards.



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