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 We are the largest internet KOL facilitator in China as measured by revenue in 2018 according to the Frost & Sullivan report. We are also China's largest internet KOL facilitator in e-commerce as measured by the number of online stores and GMV in 2018 and number of signed KOLs and fans as of December 31, 2018 according to the same source. As of December 31, 2018, we had 113 signed KOLs with an aggregate of 148.4 million fans across major social media platforms in China. Through our KOLs, we facilitated the sale of an aggregate GMV of RMB1.2 billion, RMB2.0 billion and RMB2.2 billion on various e-commerce platforms in fiscal years 2017 and 2018 and the first three quarters of fiscal year 2019, respectively.

KOLs, also known as influencers, are individuals who have the power to engage and impact people within a specific community or field, such as fashion, culture, entertainment and gaming, and internet KOLs are KOLs who have gained their popularity through the internet. Our founders were among the earliest entrepreneurs in China to identify and capture the commercial opportunities created by the emergence of internet KOLs in China and started to cooperate with KOLs in e-commerce in 2014. We created a KOL ecosystem in China according to the Frost & Sullivan report by connecting a large number of KOLs and their fans to create a vast network and connecting this network to a large number of businesses, including brands, online retailers, designers, manufacturers and suppliers, based on existing e-commerce and social media platforms in China, to create value for participants in the ecosystem.

 According to the Frost & Sullivan report, we pioneered the commercialization of KOL ecosystem through a full-service model whereby we integrate key steps of the e-commerce value chain, from product design and sourcing and online store operation to logistics and after sales services. Under this model, we own and operate online stores on third-party e-commerce platforms, a majority of which are opened in the name of our KOLs, and generate revenue through online sales of our self-designed products to consumers, especially the fans of our KOLs' social media accounts that we manage. We provide professional training and support to our KOLs and help them develop distinctive characters, enhance popularity and grow their fan bases. We also set up different brands for different KOLs and design and produce branded products based on each KOL's distinctive character to cater to the tastes of different KOLs' fan bases, while our KOLs endorse such products in their social media spaces.


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