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We are China's second largest and fastest-growing coffee network, in terms of number of stores and cups of coffee sold, according to the Frost & Sullivan Report. We have pioneered a technology-driven new retail model to provide coffee and other products with high quality, high affordability and high convenience to our customers. We believe that our disruptive model has fulfilled the large unmet demand for coffee and driven its mass market consumption in China, while allowing us to achieve significant scale and growth since our inception.

        Driven by technology, our new retail model is built upon our mobile apps and store network.

    •   Mobile apps:  Our mobile apps cover the entire customer purchase process, offering our customers a 100% cashier-less environment. This enhances our customer experience, improves our operating efficiency, and allows us to stay connected with our customers and engage them anytime, anywhere.

    •  Store network:  While operating three types of stores, we strategically focus on pick-up stores, which accounted for 91.3% of our total stores as of March 31, 2019. Our pick-up stores have limited seating and are typically located in areas with high demand for coffee, such as office buildings, commercial areas and university campuses. This enables us to stay close to our target customers and expand rapidly with low rental and decoration costs. 

        By disrupting the status quo of the traditional coffee shop model, we have gained significant cost advantages and provided attractive value propositions to our customers.

        Technology is at the core of our business. With our centralized technology system, we are able to simplify and standardize our operations, which allows us to improve operational efficiency and quickly expand and scale up our business. We leverage big data analytics and AI to analyze our customer behavior and transaction data, which enables us to continuously enhance our products and services, implement dynamic pricing and improve customer retention.


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  • Ernst & Young Hua Ming LLP
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