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We are a clinical-stage healthcare company with a differentiated, chemistry-driven approach focused on leveraging the potential of the microbiome organ to treat disease and improve human health. We have built a human-centric proprietary product platform for discovery and development that we believe will enable the rapid advancement of a broad portfolio of novel product candidates into non-IND human clinical studies under regulations supporting research with food.

Our product candidates are Microbiome Metabolic Therapies, or MMTs, which are designed to modulate the metabolic output and profile of the microbiome by driving the function and distribution of the organ’s existing microbes. We have an industrialized approach to the discovery and development of MMTs, and our initial MMTs are targeted glycans. Each targeted glycan is an ensemble of complex carbohydrates that is intended to modulate microbial metabolism to drive a specific biological response. We believe our MMTs have the potential to be novel treatments across a variety of diseases and conditions.

The human microbiome is generally a community of more than 30 trillion microbes, organisms that include bacteria, viruses, archaea and fungi, which reside on and inside the human body. By evolving together over thousands of years, microbes and humans have developed an intricate and mutually beneficial relationship. Given the profound impact that microbes have on human health, this highly complex microbial ecosystem has been referred to as a “newly discovered organ.” There is a growing body of research that links a healthy microbiome with overall human health, while dysbiosis, or imbalance, in the microbiome has been correlated with numerous human conditions including those that can cause significant morbidity and mortality. Some of these conditions include irritable bowel syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, allergies and ulcerative colitis. The microbiome organ remains a largely untapped frontier in healthcare, and we believe that we are uniquely positioned to succeed in translating its promise into solutions for human health.


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