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Undiscovered Quality in Small and Mid Caps
Hodges Fund  (HDPMX)
12:11 PM EST February 26 2018
Volatility does not necessarily mean risk, and one does not need to invest in every sector to be successful, according to Craig D. Hodges, portfolio manager and co-founder of Hodges Funds. Relying on its own extensive research to find opportunities ahead of Wall Street, the fund aims to invest in industries with superior tendencies, such as high barriers to entry, or in companies with superior products or services that the market has not yet accounted for. >>

Total Return in Emerging Markets Debt
TCW Emerging Markets Income Fund  (TGEIX)
10:31 AM EST February 02 2018
Understanding the development process in each of a strategy’s target markets is crucial for identifying turning points before they actually happen. The fundamentals-based approach of the TCW Emerging Markets Income Fund’s team, relying in large part on primary research, enables it to assess these opportunities at an early stage and position accordingly. >>

Diversification Through Infrastructure Assets
Cohen & Steers Global Infrastructure Fund  (CSUAX)
11:03 AM EST January 25 2018
The growing interest for diversification away from equities and fixed income has been the driving force behind the Cohen & Steers Global Infrastructure fund. Portfolio manager Ben Morton believes that the asset class can provide similar returns to equities, but with the potential for significantly lower volatility and downside. The fund utilizes both a bottom-up fundamental research and a macro framework to select the right subsectors and companies around the world. >>

Quantitative and Qualitative Approach to Emerging Markets Debt
Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Debt Fund  (SHMDX)
8:18 AM EST January 18 2018
Emerging markets debt is not well understood and tends to be undervalued. Portfolio manager Jim Craige explains how the Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Debt Fund relies on a disciplined bottom-up research process, combined with a macro framework, to build a portfolio driven by the opportunity set, not by the benchmark. >>

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