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Quality with Visibility
Tributary Small Company Fund  (FOSCX, FOSBX)
11:22 AM EDT June 11 2018
Small-cap stocks are an asset class with great potential for an active manager, because they tend to offer more opportunities for investing in mispriced companies. Mark Wynegar and Michael Johnson, co-managers of the Tributary Small Company Fund, rely on an in-depth research process to identify quality companies trading at a discount to fair value. A key element in their process is developing an understanding of each business and a high level of confidence in each investment. >>

Finding Sustainable and Superior Dividend Yielders
Manning & Napier Disciplined Value Series Fund  (MNDFX, MDFSX)
10:27 AM EDT June 06 2018
Valuations matter because they drive returns in the long term, according to Christopher Petrosino, portfolio manager of the Manning & Napier Disciplined Value Series Fund. With a systematic approach, the fund invests in companies with above-average dividend yield that are sustainable, with attractive free cash flow yield and low estimated risk of financial distress. These characteristics not only drive performance, but also mitigate downside risks. >>

A Fundamental Approach to Relative Value
First Investors Total Return Fund  (FITRX)
8:35 AM EDT June 04 2018
One of the core advantages of balanced portfolios is their ability to capture the upside and protect the downside, adjusting the allocation between equity and fixed-income holdings in a timely fashion. Rajeev Sharma and Sean Reidy, portfolio managers of the First Investors Total Return Fund, complement this flexibility with a steady focus on company balance sheets and relative value, with the objective to achieve long-term total return with a moderate level of investment risk. >>

Deep in the MBS Skill Set
Semper MBS Total Return Fund  (SEMMX, SEMOX)
9:01 AM EDT May 29 2018
Unlike other funds offering broad coverage, the Semper MBS Total Return Fund leverages its expertise in mortgage-backed securities. Greg Parsons, CEO and Chairman of the Investment Committee, believes that the MBS space is one of the best sources of risk-adjusted returns today when actively managed by a specialist. With a focus on capital preservation, the fund relies on a complex quant model and a set of principles refined over time. >>

Macro Guidance, Micro Focus
North Star Opportunity Fund  (NSOIX)
10:01 AM EDT May 14 2018
Designed for investors seeking a single investment vehicle with adequate diversification, the North Star Opportunity Fund has the flexibility to provide exposure to domestic equities of all sizes and to fixed income. While the fund's equity and sector allocations vary with the macro outlook, its focus on high-quality, out-of-favor companies remains constant. To avoid value traps, portfolio managers Eric Kuby and Brad Cohen assess the catalyst for each undervalued security. >>

Riding Trend Drivers and Enablers
Plumb Balanced Fund  (PLBBX)
11:57 AM EDT May 07 2018
Unlike other balanced funds, which rely on conservative equity exposure and bond income, the Plumb Balanced Fund invests in growth stocks and uses fixed income to moderate stock market volatility. Founder and portfolio manager Thomas Plumb focuses on identifying big secular trends and companies that enable or benefit from these trends, as such businesses have the potential to grow in any environment as long as they are fundamentally sound. >>

Collaring Equity Market Volatility
Calamos Hedged Equity Income Fund  (CAHEX)
9:50 AM EDT April 27 2018
With decades of experience in convertible bonds and options, the Calamos Hedged Equity Income Fund came in 2014 as a natural extension for Calamos Investments. The fund has two distinct parts equities and options. While the equity investment represents a low-risk portfolio, closely based on the S&P 500 Index, the alpha generation comes mainly from trading options and constructing the best possible hedge for the specific market environment. >>

Absorbing Volatility through Covered Calls
Crossmark Steward Covered Call Income Fund  (SCJAX, SCJIX)
12:17 PM EDT April 23 2018
Markets are inherently volatile, but the right mix of options can certainly mitigate volatility. Paul Townsen, portfolio manager of the Crossmark Steward Covered Call Income Fund, explains how by giving up some upside for a covered call, investors can replace a volatile return pattern with more stable returns. >>

Rooted in Valuation and Tactically Balanced
Tributary Balanced Fund  (FOBAX, FOBPX)
12:57 PM EDT April 19 2018
Diversification is a key feature of the Tributary Balanced Fund. Portfolio manager Kurt Spieler believes that performance is driven by tactical allocation between equity and fixed income, as well as by security selection, without applying sector or market cap biases. >>

Systematic Allocation Guided by Market Phase
AMG Chicago Equity Partners Balanced Fund  (MBEAX)
1:53 PM EDT April 12 2018
Stocks and bonds have their own volatility patterns and risk profiles, so it is important for investors to have allocation that provides downside protection, according to Patricia Halper and Michael Budd, portfolio managers of the AMG Chicago Equity Partners Balanced Fund. Investing in equity and fixed income, the fund strategically shifts its allocation depending on the environment with the help of a systematic process. >>

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