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Earnings Compounders with Structural Advantages
AllianzGI International Growth Fund  (AIGFX)
12:40 PM EDT July 31 2018
To stay focused on the long-term view, a manager has to be able to cancel out the short-term market noises. Robert Hofmann, portfolio manager of AllianzGI International Growth Fund, focuses on companies with structural growth drivers, sustainable business models and high barriers to entry and ferrets out earnings compounders. >>

Secular Trends in an International Portfolio
Thornburg International Growth Fund  (TIGAX)
12:10 PM EDT July 26 2018
In a globalized economy, secular growth trends find their way to more than one market. Thornburg International Growth Fund was created with the aim to provide exposure to these growth trends outside of the U.S. Portfolio managers Greg Dunn and Sean Sun employ a consistent bottom-up process to seek quality companies that not only have attractive growth prospects but are also trading at reasonable valuations. >>

Globally Diversified in Industry Leaders
PGIM Jennison Global Opportunities Fund  (PRJAX)
12:19 PM EDT July 25 2018
As economies around the world become more interconnected, local companies can accelerate on the path of regional or global leadership with the right kind of products and management preparedness. Thomas Davis, co-portfolio manager of the PGIM Jennison Global Opportunities Fund, explains how the teamís high-conviction, concentrated strategy seeks the best ideas globally. >>

Not All Earnings Are Equal
RBC Global Opportunities Fund  (RGOIX)
1:57 PM EDT July 19 2018
Every investor seeks great businesses at attractive valuations, but few have the necessary knowledge, process, and resources. Habib Subjally, portfolio manager of the RBC Global Opportunities Fund, runs a global portfolio that balances between having the best ideas and avoiding unintended risks. Using a proprietary framework, the fund looks for companies that generate earnings through investing in the future for long-term value creation. >>

Investing in Cash Generators with Temporary Problems
The GoodHaven Fund  (GOODX)
12:15 PM EDT July 17 2018
It is certainly difficult to maintain a contrarian, value-oriented approach when valuations are high and the market is dominated by momentum investors. But Larry Pitkowsky and Keith Trauner, portfolio managers of The GoodHaven Fund, know that rationality returns to the market sooner than later. With a concentrated portfolio, they rely on fundamental analysis to find high-quality companies that are negatively perceived by the market or are being ignored for temporary reasons. >>

Harnessing the Rising Middle Class Across the Globe
MassMutual Premier International Equity Fund  (MMIAX)
9:26 AM EDT July 02 2018
Established in 1995, the MassMutual Premier International Equity Fund capitalizes on the rise of the middle class across the globe. The fund relies on a bottom-up process to identify quality companies that are set to benefit from the long-term increase in the wealth of emerging market consumers and the proliferation of the Western lifestyle. >>

A Different Path to Growth in Emerging Markets
Oppenheimer Emerging Markets Innovators Fund  (EMIAX)
9:45 AM EDT June 25 2018
In the emerging markets universe, large-cap names attract most of the attention. However, investors should also look to small- and mid-cap companies for bigger opportunities. Heidi Heikenfeld, portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer Emerging Markets Innovators Fund, navigates the area through the lens of innovation and long-term structural growth. The fund seeks companies with not only high earnings growth but also positive impact for local populations. >>

Mitigating Risk Through Tactical Allocation
ATAC Inflation Rotation Fund  (ATACX)
11:27 AM EDT June 22 2018
Stocks and bonds often move in the opposite direction, but the inflection points are not always clear and well defined. ATAC Inflation Rotation Fund has developed a process that uses the signaling power of utility stocks and the U.S. Treasury market to predict upcoming volatility. With a steady focus on absolute return, Edward Dempsey explains how the fund opportunistically switches between asset classes. >>

A Patient Approach to Global Growth Trends
Oppenheimer Global Fund  (OPPAX)
10:50 AM EDT June 21 2018
With a truly global focus and a long-term horizon, the Oppenheimer Global Fund invests in companies regardless of their location. What matters is whether these companies benefit from large global trends, like mass affluence or new technologies, which shape the economy over decades. Valuation is a key aspect for portfolio manager John Delano, who can patiently wait for the price to match the opportunity set. >>

Following Momentum and Outperforming on the Downside
NWM Momentum Fund  (MOMOX)
3:11 PM EDT June 12 2018
One can outperform the market not by beating it on the upside, but in doing so on the downside. To avoid being caught in long downward moves, the NWM Momentum Fund switches between asset classes depending on the risk environment. Portfolio manager Timothy Ayles relies on a back-tested model that signals the risk appetite of the marketplace, the momentum in a name, and the best investments for the specific environment. >>

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