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Exploiting Behavioral Inefficiencies in Emerging Markets
Advisory Research Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund  (ADVMX)
11:14 AM EST December 18 2017
While emerging markets represent the majority of the world’s population and continue to grow economically faster than developed markets, they still remain underweight relative to their global contribution in U.S. investor portfolios. Kevin Ross, co-manager of the Advisory Research Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund, believes that the challenges associated with the asset class actually create significant opportunities for active managers with the right infrastructure and capabilities. >>

A Global Quest for the Best Businesses
Virtus Vontobel Global Opportunities Fund  (NWWOX)
11:44 AM EST December 14 2017
Businesses that create lasting investment returns are most typically growth-oriented, durable, and less cyclical. According to Matthew Benkendorf, CIO of Vontobel Asset Management, Inc. and portfolio manager of the Virtus Vontobel Global Opportunities Fund, owning such businesses in a concentrated portfolio is the best way to preserve and compound capital over time. That philosophy may sound simple, but it requires a global team, a steady focus on quality, and extensive research work. >>

Budgeting Risk for Yield
TIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Debt Fund  (TEDHX)
1:41 PM EST December 12 2017
It always pays to be cognizant of the volatile nature of emerging markets, whose attractive investment opportunities can only benefit risk-savvy investors. At the helm of the TIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Debt Fund, Katherine Renfrew navigates the dynamic field of this investment category by seeking compensation for the added risk through yields that exceed those in the developed world. >>

Price and Earnings Growth Profiles Matter
Lazard Developing Markets Equity Portfolio  (LDMIX, LDMOX)
2:28 PM EST December 11 2017
Emerging markets offer investors earnings growth, but for Peter Gillespie and Kevin O’Hare, portfolio managers of the Lazard Developing Markets Equity Portfolio, it is essential to focus on the valuation paid for that earnings growth. Relying on fundamental bottom-up analysis to gain an information edge, the fund team aims to identify companies with multi-year growth drivers that are generally underestimated by the market. >>

Consistent High Performers
Jensen Quality Growth Fund  (JENSX)
9:12 AM EST December 08 2017
Companies with strong competitive advantages and growth profiles that are also run by a competent management team are more likely to deliver consistent performance even when the business climate is unfavorable. Portfolio manager Eric Schoenstein explains how the Jensen Quality Growth Fund utilizes a rigorous analysis of free cash flow investment to mitigate business and pricing risks. >>

Ahead of the Curve in Emerging Markets
Principal International Emerging Markets Fund  (PRIAX, PIEIX)
10:48 AM EST December 06 2017
A process focused on identifying positive change requires disciplined research, especially when it comes to fully understanding the capital allocation model of a business. Mohammed Zaidi explains how the portfolio managers of the Principal International Emerging Markets Fund and a team of analysts combine fundamental analysis and behavioral finance disciplines in detecting and selecting companies undergoing change not recognized by the market. >>

Navigating Volatility with Dividend Payers
Seafarer Overseas Growth and Income Fund  (SFGIX, SIGIX)
12:50 PM EST December 05 2017
Emerging markets may seem quite attractive for growth-oriented strategies, but this segment also suffers from internal and external volatility at times. Inbok Song, co-portfolio manager of the Seafarer Overseas Growth and Income Fund, explains how companies with a track record of free cash flow and dividend help investors generate more steady returns in addition to tapping into growth opportunities. >>

Global and Manager Diversification
GuideStone International Equity Fund  (GIEZX)
11:18 AM EST December 01 2017
When investors think of multi-manager strategies, they tend to associate them with a selection of well-performing asset managers, ignoring their strategic diversification advantage. Jay Edmondson, Senior Manager of Investment Research of the GuideStone International Equity Fund, discusses how diversified exposure benefits the strategy in the long term. Building the right mix is the primary expertise of the firm, which aims at consistent performance with lower or similar risk levels than those of the benchmark. >>

Riding Structural Tailwinds
Oppenheimer International Equity Fund  (QIVAX)
2:36 PM EST November 30 2017
Often the market and industry structure plays a key role in determining the long-term performance of many businesses just as the position of a company in a particular industry does. Companies enjoying such structural tailwinds are more likely to reward investors with delivering predictable financial results. James Ayer, portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer International Equity Fund, applies a disciplined process in search of stocks with these characteristics around the globe. >>

Seeking Opportunity within Complexity
Franklin Mutual Beacon Fund  (TEBIX)
1:18 PM EST November 29 2017
Investors prefer to put their trust in companies that are easier to understand rather than invest in complicated businesses. As a result, the market tends to be wrong on many occasions, especially when analyzing complex situations. Portfolio Manager Christian Correa and the team at the helm of the Franklin Mutual Beacon Fund specialize in determining underlying asset values in such contexts with the objective of unlocking hidden value. >>

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