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Quality, Growth, and Valuation
AllianzGI Mid-Cap Fund  (RMDAX, DRMCX)
10:28 AM ET August 09 2017
Finding good companies that are struggling and out of favor is relatively easy, but understanding and detecting the drivers of improvement requires extensive research and knowledge. Steven Klopukh, portfolio manager of the AllianzGI Mid-Cap Fund, relies on the management teamís dedicated staff and sector expertise in identifying beaten stocks that are likely to regain their footing and create wealth for shareholders. >>

Opportunistic But Risk Aware
Artisan Mid Cap Value Fund  (ARTQX)
10:09 AM ET August 08 2017
Disciplined investors can certainly profit from the herd mentality, which tends to be so pervasive in the market as sentiment oscillates between greed and fear. James Kieffer, portfolio manager of the Artisan Mid Cap Value Fund, utilizes a balanced approach to investing from a value perspective, weighing in the financial health of businesses and their valuation in different market conditions with the same level of risk awareness. >>

A Broader Sweep in Capital Structure
Transamerica Strategic High Income Fund  (TASHX)
9:54 AM ET July 27 2017
Combining stocks and bonds, investors can benefit from increasing values in equities and downside protection on the back of fixed-income securities. With this broad investing approach, William Bellamy, portfolio manager of the Transamerica Strategic High Income Fund, looks for opportunities across the entire corporate capital structure of companies with the objective to generate steadier returns and fend off volatility. >>

A Multi-Manager Approach to Better Return Consistency
MassMutual Select Mid Cap Growth Fund  (MMELX)
11:49 AM ET July 24 2017
Multi-manager funds offer diversity and flexibility that a single-manager fund may often lack. Joe Fallon, who highlights the advantages of the MassMutual Select Mid Cap Growth Fund, explains how the pairing of successful managers boosts the probability of consistency in returns and provides access to strategies that are generally not open to new investors. >>

High Quality Companies with Transitory Issues
Touchstone Mid Cap Value Fund  (TCVAX)
6:35 PM ET July 19 2017
Every company faces business cycles, including high-quality companies with a history of above-average returns on capital. Todd Vingers, co-portfolio manager of the Touchstone Mid Cap Value Fund with Jay Willadsen, employs a strategy that enables patient investors who can separate temporary issues from negative secular declines to seek strong risk-adjusted returns. >>

A Unique Approach to REIT Investing Through a Risk Managed Framework
Guggenheim Risk Managed Real Estate Fund  (GURAX, GURIX)
9:02 AM ET July 14 2017
Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs, may offer potential benefits to a broader portfolio including stock-like gains, bond-like yields, diversification and inflation protection. However, they may at times trade with elevated volatility. Thomas Youn, portfolio manager of the Guggenheim Risk Managed Real Estate Fund, explains how the fund takes a differentiated approach to investing in REITs that is designed to provide the many benefits of REIT exposure while seeking to mitigate volatility. >>

Seeking Lower Volatility Through a Better Upside/Downside Ratio
Hennessy Equity and Income Fund  (HEIFX, HEIIX)
13:18 PM ET July 13 2017
Combining stocks and bonds offers investors the potential to capture most of the upside while limiting the downside of volatile stock markets. Mark DeVaul and Gary Cloud, portfolio managers of the Hennessy Equity and Income Fund, focus on investing in quality dividend-paying stocks and investment-grade corporate bonds with the objective to generate alpha along with the benefit of downside protection. >>

Mid Caps with Improving Fundamentals and Sentiment
BMO Mid-Cap Value Fund  (BAMCX, MRVIX)
10:07 AM ET July 10 2017
Although the mid-cap universe appears to be more concentrated compared to other segments of the market, sifting through this pool of 700 stocks calls for a well-defined process and clear objectives. Thomas Lettenberger, portfolio manager of the BMO Mid-Cap Value Fund, relies on a data-driven investment process centered on company fundamentals, investor sentiment, and a comprehensive risk framework to build a portfolio with the potential to outperform over a full market cycle. >>

Unanticipated Acceleration in Returns
Oppenheimer Mid Cap Value Fund  (QVSCX)
11:25 AM ET June 16 2017
Although out-of-favor stocks are generally facing serious business challenges, many of these companies could become profitable opportunities if an investment strategy takes into account how core issues are reflected in metrics, both historical and projected. Laton Spahr and Eric Hewitt, portfolio managers of the Oppenheimer Mid Cap Value Fund, apply the unorthodox approach to understanding value as a function of expectations at the company and market level, with the objective to identify and evaluate unexpected positive changes. >>

Pairing Active Managers for Alpha Generation
Wilshire Small Company Growth Fund  (DTSGX, WSMGX)
11:23 AM ET June 15 2017
When distinguished fund managers are paired in a single fund, investors have a higher probability of generating returns with the potential to exceed market averages. Nathan Palmer explains how the Wilshire Small Company Growth Fund benefits from a mix of complementary investment approaches aimed at reducing active and total risk in the portfolio in addition to delivering consistency. >>

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