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A Focus on Attractive Dividend Growers
Nuveen Santa Barbara Dividend Growth Fund  (NSBAX)
11:19 AM ET August 24 2017
Since companies committed to paying dividends operate under stricter financial discipline, as a group they tend to deliver stable performance. The Nuveen Santa Barbara Dividend Growth Fund focuses on investing in businesses with growing cash flow and rising dividends, which are likely to do better in challenging economic environments. >>

Active Quality Strategy in Mid Caps
Scout Mid Cap Fund  (UMBMX)
3:30 PM ET August 23 2017
Mid-cap companies enjoy the balance sheet strength that is generally seen in larger companies while also possessing much of the growth characteristics of their smaller-cap counterparts. Patrick Dunkerley, portfolio manager of the Scout Mid Cap Fund, looks to invest in mid-cap businesses with solid balance sheets and earnings profiles while also considering the business cycle and the resulting impact on the underlying businesses. >>

A Patient Investor in Quality Mid Caps
T. Rowe Price Diversified Mid-Cap Growth Fund  (PRDMX)
8:51 AM ET August 22 2017
As stocks fall in and out of favor, high-quality businesses tend to regain investors’ attention by delivering consistent earnings growth. Donald J. Easley, portfolio manager of the T. Rowe Price Diversified Mid-Cap Growth Fund, and his team of analysts use a structured research process based on selecting high-quality companies that have the potential to deliver superior returns with a long-term investment horizon. >>

Principles Behind Consistency
Parnassus Mid Cap Fund  (PARMX)
9:57 AM ET August 21 2017
Investors have often believed that adhering to a principled, morally and socially responsible strategy generally comes at the expense of investment performance. Matthew Gershuny, portfolio manager of the Parnassus Mid Cap Fund, stays committed to this approach, using fundamental principles built around strict investment processes and a culture of team spirit. >>

Investing with a Patient, Long-Term View
Ariel Fund  (ARGFX, ARAIX)
9:07 AM ET August 18 2017
There are only a handful of managers that are still at the helm of the funds they founded 30 years ago, and John W. Rogers, Jr. is one of them. The Ariel Fund seeks companies that have the capacity to overcome temporary setbacks while avoiding businesses that are more likely to struggle or face decline. >>

Participate in Positive and Avoid Negative Compounding
Wells Fargo C&B Mid Cap Value Fund  (CBMAX)
8:49 AM ET August 16 2017
Even companies with sustainable business models are not immune to business cycles and short-term challenges. Investors tend to be quick to sell these stocks as soon as the first cyclical downturn looms large or when companies disappoint. Michael Meyer, portfolio manager of the Wells Fargo C&B Mid Cap Value Fund, employs a strategy that enables patient investors to ride out business cycles and benefit from growing earnings profiles, especially of companies with a track record of efficient capital allocation. >>

Stability Through High Quality Holdings
Virtus KAR Mid-Cap Core Fund  (VMACX)
11:57 AM ET August 15 2017
Companies of all sizes have to face the ups and downs of business cycles, and businesses that are not capital intensive and have prudent management generally weather these cycles far better than others. Jon K. Christensen, portfolio manager of the Virtus KAR Mid-Cap Core Fund, focuses on such high-quality companies with low-capital intensity characteristics to generate consistent returns at lower risk levels. >>

Disciplined Deep Value Investor
Pzena Mid Cap Value Fund  (PZIMX, PZVMX)
9:39 AM ET August 10 2017
Investors are not always forgiving when established businesses undergo short-term problems. In situations like these, they would rather sell the stock first and ask questions later. John Flynn, portfolio manager of the Pzena Mid Cap Value Fund, explains how a patient investor can profit from these fundamentally sound businesses when they are out of favor in the market for temporary reasons. >>

Quality, Growth, and Valuation
AllianzGI Mid-Cap Fund  (RMDAX, DRMCX)
10:28 AM ET August 09 2017
Finding good companies that are struggling and out of favor is relatively easy, but understanding and detecting the drivers of improvement requires extensive research and knowledge. Steven Klopukh, portfolio manager of the AllianzGI Mid-Cap Fund, relies on the management team’s dedicated staff and sector expertise in identifying beaten stocks that are likely to regain their footing and create wealth for shareholders. >>

Opportunistic But Risk Aware
Artisan Mid Cap Value Fund  (ARTQX)
10:09 AM ET August 08 2017
Disciplined investors can certainly profit from the herd mentality, which tends to be so pervasive in the market as sentiment oscillates between greed and fear. James Kieffer, portfolio manager of the Artisan Mid Cap Value Fund, utilizes a balanced approach to investing from a value perspective, weighing in the financial health of businesses and their valuation in different market conditions with the same level of risk awareness. >>

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