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Long-Term Entrepreneurial Visions
EntrepreneurShares Global Fund  (ENTIX)
11:11 AM EDT October 30 2017
Visionary entrepreneurial leaders with long-term focus often create wealth for their shareholders through quality products, growth and margin improvements. Joel Shulman, the managing director of EntrepreneurShares Global Fund, applies a bottom-up research process employing a proprietary 15-Factor model across global companies led by visionary leaders. >>

Unconstrained in Selection, Not in Risk
Voya Strategic Income Opportunities Fund  (ISIAX)
11:28 AM EDT October 26 2017
In the vast global bond markets, different segments have different risk-return profiles. Matthew Toms, portfolio manager of the Voya Strategic Income Opportunities Fund, and a team of researchers select securities that offer superior risk/reward ratios as they allocate capital to fixed-income segments based on rigorous macro economic analysis. >>

Sustainable Global Growth Themes
AB Sustainable Global Thematic Fund  (ALTFX, ATEYX)
9:27 AM EDT October 18 2017
For investors with a long-term horizon, growth can come with the added benefit of sustainability, as a growing number of governments and corporations are committing to developing technology and infrastructure in a socially acceptable and environmentally friendlier way. Daniel Roarty, portfolio manager of the AB Sustainable Global Thematic Fund, and his team of analysts rely on field research to find these investment opportunities around the globe. >>

Disciplined in Global Selection
MainStay Epoch Global Choice Fund  (EPAPX)
8:42 AM EDT October 09 2017
Finding investable companies is hard enough in any one region of the world, and doing it around the globe calls for a rigorous process and strict discipline. William J. Booth, portfolio manager of the MainStay Epoch Global Choice Fund, and his team of analysts look for companies with operations generating free cash flow, management with capital allocation discipline, and attractive valuation. >>

Quality, Price and Path to Success
Thornburg Global Opportunities Fund  (THOAX)
11:17 AM EDT October 04 2017
Businesses with a stable customer base and strong management are particularly attractive to investors when they are trading at a reasonable price. Vinson Walden, co-portfolio manager of the Thornburg Global Opportunities Fund, and his team follow a strict discipline in looking for these attractive stocks of superior businesses around the world. >>

Seeking Value in Temporary Setbacks
Nuance Mid Cap Value Fund  (NMVLX, NMAVX)
10:14 AM EDT September 29 2017
Investors are not always patient when companies are riding along the ups and downs of business cycles. However, a disciplined approach to investing in out-of-favor companies undergoing temporary issues can be quite rewarding. Chad Baumler, portfolio manager of the Nuance Mid Cap Value Fund, relies on a five-step process in identifying companies with favorable risk/reward profiles. >>

Smoother Ride Through Diversification
Delaware Diversified Income Fund  (DPDFX)
10:32 AM EDT September 18 2017
In an investment universe as broad and diversified as the global bond market, disciplined and well-prepared investors can choose from a broad array of opportunities. Macquarie Investment Management portfolio manager Paul Grillo and his team take a flexible approach managing the Delaware Diversified Income Fund by identifying opportunities with attractive risk/reward profiles from various sectors around the world. >>

Disciplined in Finding Consistent Performers
Johnson Opportunity Fund  (JOPPX)
10:02 AM EDT September 14 2017
Stable companies with consistent financial performance demand and win special attention from investors. However, at times the market perception of a quality company can deviate from its intrinsic value. Brian Kute, portfolio manager of the Johnson Opportunity Fund, seeks to reap the benefits from such consistent growers with a patient approach, giving both quality and fair valuation a longer-term horizon than most investors will. >>

Investing in Learning Organizations
Tarkio Fund  (TARKX)
9:56 AM EDT September 13 2017
Great managers bring a clear vision and create a lasting management culture that empowers employees, generates customer loyalty, and sustains superior financial performance. For Russ Piazza, portfolio manager of the Tarkio Fund, such businesses have the potential to create long-term wealth for investors with a steady focus on quality and value. >>

Flexibility in Structured Finance
Braddock Multi-Strategy Income Fund  (BDKAX, BDKNX)
10:58 AM EDT September 08 2017
Asset-backed securities, including mortgage-backed securities, are a special area of the fixed-income space that demands specialized knowledge and experience in credit markets and the economy. Garrett Tripp, portfolio manager of the Braddock Multi-Strategy Income Fund, relies on a flexible and opportunistic approach to find securities that offer the best risk-reward profile. >>

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