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Proactive Social Investments
TIAA-CREF Social Choice Bond Fund  (TSBRX)
13:24 PM ET December 21 2015
The TIAA-CREF Social Choice Bond Fund is a core, actively managed fixed income fund that provides investors broad fixed income market exposure with competitive market returns. Portfolio manager Stephen Liberatore explains how the Fund aligns investors’ principles with their holdings through the support of leaders in Environmental, Governance and Social (ESG) metrics and Proactive Social Investments (PSI) that have a direct and measureable social and/or environmental impact. >>

Growth Through Dividend Growers
Copeland Risk Managed Dividend Growth Fund  (CDGRX)
2:23 PM ET December 17 2015
Companies with a history of dividend growth and strong balance sheets tend to outperform markets when they are held for at least a three-to-five-year period. Combining fundamental and technical analysis, portfolio manager Mark Giovanniello screens for stocks that meet dividend, return-on-capital and price criteria for inclusion into the Copeland Risk Managed Dividend Growth Fund. >>

Building Income with a Wide Net
Goldman Sachs Income Builder Fund  (GSBFX)
10:32 AM ET December 07 2015
Investors have a challenging task of balancing capital appreciation and income growth while seeking to preserve capital. Ron Arons and Collin Bell, managing directors within Goldman Sachs Asset Management with oversight of the Goldman Sachs Income Builder Fund, allocate dynamically across various assets in search of growth and yield, making sure that their portfolio has less volatility vs. the equity market and is resilient enough to interest rate fluctuations. >>

From Good Businesses to Great Stocks
Principal Equity Income Fund  (PQIAX, PEIIX)
7:30 AM ET November 23 2015
Daniel Coleman, Portfolio Manager of Principal Equity Income Fund, believes that stock investing comes down to selecting good businesses. The true challenge, however, is identifying such companies and having the patience to invest when they are out of favor. With an investment process driven by extensive research, the fund selects companies with competitive advantages, rising dividends, and solid fundamentals, and buys them only when market misconceptions bring down the price. >>

A Forward-Looking Take on Dividends
BNY Mellon Income Stock Fund  (MPISX)
9:26 AM ET November 20 2015
In the world of equity income, investors are mostly driven by high quality in their stock selection. John Bailer, CFA, portfolio manager of the BNY Mellon Income Stock Fund, takes the investment process one step further by pursuing the most attractively valued sectors and securities in his search for companies with the ability and willingness to pay and increase dividends. >>

Best Dividend Ideas Only
Franklin Equity Income Fund  (FISEX)
9:32 AM ET November 18 2015
Companies with a history of consistent dividend payments are generally known to excel in allocating capital. Yet, all of them are susceptible to falling out of favor with investors based on short-term results. At Franklin Equity Income Fund, Alan E. Muschott and a team of analysts screen for out-of-favor dividend-paying companies with a sustainable competitive advantage, which leads to better margins. >>

Diligence and Patience
Diamond Hill Select Fund  (DHTAX)
9:51 AM ET November 09 2015
Intrinsic value is a key word for Rick Snowdon and Austin Hawley, portfolio managers of Diamond Hill Select Fund. With a long-term horizon, they have the diligence to look for undervalued securities and the patience to hold them until price and value meet. Starting with a broad universe of the entire market cap spectrum, the fund invests only in its best ideas, the 30 companies with the highest return potential. >>

What Matters is After-Tax Returns
AMG FQ Tax-Managed U.S. Equity Fund  (MFQAX)
9:28 AM ET November 06 2015
As fund managers focus on generating returns for investors, few take into consideration the importance of after-tax returns. Paul Goldwhite and the team of analysts at the AMG FQ Tax-Managed U.S. Equity Fund put emphasis on generating alpha and after-tax returns by managing dividend yields, harvesting losses and deferring capital gains as much as possible. >>

Good Value in Values-Driven Businesses
Parnassus Fund  (PARNX)
10:14 AM ET November 03 2015
Companies with operating policies that take into account the well-being of employees and environment may have something going for them. Happier employees tend to be more productive, and an environmentally friendly corporate culture may serve as a key advantage too. In the Parnassus Fund, Jerome Dodson maintains a concentrated portfolio of undervalued companies with a proven track record of treating employees and the environment with respect. >>

Higher Dividends Rooted in Consistent Earnings
Fidelity Equity Dividend Income Fund  (FEQTX)
9:28 AM ET October 30 2015
Historically, dividends have been up to 40% of total return, so companies with the abilities to pay and grow dividends are quite important to shareholders. However, many of them are likely to forget that this dividend-paying ability is driven by a company’s cash flow. At the helm of Fidelity Equity Dividend Income Fund, Scott Offen and Naveed Rahman are in search of companies that can not only generate consistent cash flows but whose management teams also like to share them with shareholders. >>

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