S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Diversified International Value
RSQ International Equity Fund  (RSQVX)
4:34 PM ET December 22 2014
International markets are diverse and complex, so an investor needs a process and an experienced hand in selecting the right stock and allocating the right amount of capital. Portfolio managers Rudolph-Riad Younes and Richard Pell, along with a team of sector specialists, look for companies that offer the best risk-reward ratios over the next three years. >>

A Smoother Ride
Even Keel Managed Risk Funds  (EKMRX)
9:06 AM ET December 11 2014
Financial assets are inherently volatile and investors cannot stomach period drawdowns that are inevitable. Even Keel Managed Risk Funds, managed by Milliman Financial Risk Management LLC, which has a long history of working with insurance products, offers a smoother ride to investors who have lesser appetite for market volatility. >>

Total Return through Credit Selection
Delaware National High-Yield Municipal Bond Fund  (DVHIX)
8:04 AM ET December 08 2014
The municipal bond market is regional and fragmented, and demands a deep understanding of the diverse base of issuers. The high-yield segment of the market is dominated by non-rated bonds that are issued by non-profit entities such as hospitals and charter schools across the nation. The municipal fixed income group at Delaware Investments has a focused team of managers, traders, and analysts searching for bonds that they believe can deliver superior total returns. >>

Strictly Following Insiders
Catalyst Insider Buying Fund  (INSAX)
9:17 AM ET December 05 2014
Executives at companies are privy to information from the day-to-day operations that may have impact on the company’s immediate future and its stock price. With the recent changes in insider regulatory filing requirements, outside investors learn of insider activity in less than two days compared to as many as 90 days before. David Miller at Catalyst Insider Buying Fund invests strictly in select companies where insider buying meets a certain ranking process. >>

Dual Investing Approach to Global REITs
Delaware Global Real Estate Opportunities Fund  (DGROX)
12:47 AM ET December 03 2014
The real estate industry has transitioned to a much larger and global scale after the advent of securitization and the formation of the REIT structure. However, REITs are just as dependent on access to capital markets as local supply and demand factors. Bob Zenouzi and his team at Delaware Investments look for opportunities across the world in which companies are likely to outperform on a total return basis. >>

Mid Caps with Dividends
RidgeWorth Mid-Cap Value Equity Fund  (SAMVX)
11:01 AM ET December 02 2014
Mid cap companies offer the stability of large companies and the information opportunity of smaller cap companies. Especially, companies that pay regular dividends also bring additional financial discipline which is lacking in general. Don Wordell and his team research companies that are trading at their low end of expectations based on historical valuations. >>

Participate in the Upside, Limit the Downside
Stadion Tactical Growth Fund  (ETFAX)
2:43 PM ET October 23 2014
Market conditions for investors can vary from favorable to hostile and all stops in between. Investors want to participate as much as possible in the upside and limit or avoid the down phases that inevitably follow. The Stadion Tactical Growth Fund is designed to benefit from rising markets and limit the downside losses by a careful selection of securities on a systemic basis. >>

Natural Gas, Natural Advantage
Hennessy Gas Utility Index Fund  (GASFX)
11:34 AM ET October 18 2014
Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels (vs. coal and oil) and is the fuel of choice for residential heating, cooking and base loaded electricity generation. With ample supplies and stable prices, investment capital is being spent on developing new uses for natural gas that should result in increased demand. >>

Durable Global Small Caps
William Blair Global Small Cap Growth Fund  (WGLIX)
11:04 AM ET September 11 2014
Companies with durable business franchises generally offer better investment opportunity for long-term investors. Quality growth companies with durable business models have the capacity to deliver earnings growth over a longer time period than the market can estimate. Andrew G. Flynn and Matthew A. Litfin, portfolio managers of the William Blair Global Small Cap Growth Fund, look for these kinds of companies around the world. >>

Systematic Approach to Long-Short Investing
Invesco Long-Short Equity Fund  (LSQAX)
10:31 AM ET September 05 2014
Long/Short funds are now available to individual investors through mutual funds. Invesco Long/Short Equity Fund is managed by a team of managers who follow proprietary models and select a balance of longs and shorts, industry allocation and market exposure. >>

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