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Riding Trend Drivers and Enablers
Plumb Balanced Fund  (PLBBX)
11:57 AM EDT May 07 2018
Unlike other balanced funds, which rely on conservative equity exposure and bond income, the Plumb Balanced Fund invests in growth stocks and uses fixed income to moderate stock market volatility. Founder and portfolio manager Thomas Plumb focuses on identifying big secular trends and companies that enable or benefit from these trends, as such businesses have the potential to grow in any environment as long as they are fundamentally sound. >>

Collaring Equity Market Volatility
Calamos Hedged Equity Income Fund  (CAHEX)
9:50 AM EDT April 27 2018
With decades of experience in convertible bonds and options, the Calamos Hedged Equity Income Fund came in 2014 as a natural extension for Calamos Investments. The fund has two distinct parts – equities and options. While the equity investment represents a low-risk portfolio, closely based on the S&P 500 Index, the alpha generation comes mainly from trading options and constructing the best possible hedge for the specific market environment. >>

Absorbing Volatility through Covered Calls
Crossmark Steward Covered Call Income Fund  (SCJAX, SCJIX)
12:17 PM EDT April 23 2018
Markets are inherently volatile, but the right mix of options can certainly mitigate volatility. Paul Townsen, portfolio manager of the Crossmark Steward Covered Call Income Fund, explains how by giving up some upside for a covered call, investors can replace a volatile return pattern with more stable returns. >>

Rooted in Valuation and Tactically Balanced
Tributary Balanced Fund  (FOBAX, FOBPX)
12:57 PM EDT April 19 2018
Diversification is a key feature of the Tributary Balanced Fund. Portfolio manager Kurt Spieler believes that performance is driven by tactical allocation between equity and fixed income, as well as by security selection, without applying sector or market cap biases. >>

Systematic Allocation Guided by Market Phase
AMG Chicago Equity Partners Balanced Fund  (MBEAX)
1:53 PM EDT April 12 2018
Stocks and bonds have their own volatility patterns and risk profiles, so it is important for investors to have allocation that provides downside protection, according to Patricia Halper and Michael Budd, portfolio managers of the AMG Chicago Equity Partners Balanced Fund. Investing in equity and fixed income, the fund strategically shifts its allocation depending on the environment with the help of a systematic process. >>

Income Builder through Value Investing
First Eagle Global Income Builder Fund  (FEBAX)
10:34 AM EDT April 05 2018
Valuation drives everything, according to Sean Slein and Kimball Brooker, portfolio managers of the First Eagle Global Income Builder Fund. Investing with a perceived “margin of safety” in equities and fixed income, the fund aims to provide both current and future income. With a flexible, bottom-up approach, the team can go anywhere it concludes there is value—including cash—while keeping a steady focus on avoiding the risk of capital impairment. >>

Capital Appreciation through Quality and Diversification
Value Line Capital Appreciation Fund  (VALIX, VLIIX)
4:25 PM EDT March 23 2018
Seeking capital appreciation and income, the Value Line Capital Appreciation Fund is an asset allocation fund that at year end 2017 was 85% invested in equities and 15% in bonds and cash. For equities, the fund mainly looks to own leading growth businesses with secular growth drivers, unique market positioning and competitive advantages. On the fixed-income side, the fund focuses on income, liquidity, and improving credit metrics. For portfolio managers Cindy Starke and Liane Rosenberg, the ultimate goal is to achieve a diversified portfolio that emphasizes the best return-generating ideas. >>

A Flexible Portfolio for All Seasons
Osterweis Strategic Investment Fund  (OSTVX)
2:16 PM EDT March 16 2018
In today’s style-driven investment landscape, the Osterweis Strategic Investment Fund is a rarity. John Osterweis and his team have created a highly flexible balanced portfolio that is able to pursue attractive opportunities in all market conditions. They can move their equity allocation from 75% to 25%, and they can purchase high yield or investment grade bonds with the remainder. The fund is essentially a one-stop shop for investors seeking dynamic diversification and hedged equity exposure. >>

Investing in Financials with the Goal of Downside Protection
Hennessy Large Cap Financial Fund  (HLFNX, HILFX)
10:45 AM EST March 09 2018
As a result of the 2008 financial crisis, investors are still cautious about banking stocks. However, for Dave Ellison and Ryan Kelley, co-managers of the Hennessy Large Cap Financial Fund, the financial world provides plenty of opportunities. Running a concentrated portfolio, they focus on choosing the companies with the right business models, repeatable earnings, and management teams with the ability to withstand the storms in the credit and interest rate cycles. >>

Undiscovered Quality in Small and Mid Caps
Hodges Fund  (HDPMX)
12:11 PM EST February 26 2018
Volatility does not necessarily mean risk, and one does not need to invest in every sector to be successful, according to Craig D. Hodges, portfolio manager and co-founder of Hodges Funds. Relying on its own extensive research to find opportunities ahead of Wall Street, the fund aims to invest in industries with superior tendencies, such as high barriers to entry, or in companies with superior products or services that the market has not yet accounted for. >>

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