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Small Cap Compounders
Franklin Small Cap Value Fund  (FRVLX)
10:52 AM ET April 13 2017
Managing the growth trajectory of smaller companies can be challenging, and investors are not always patient with a company’s management and/or development plans. Steven Raineri, portfolio manager of the Franklin Small Cap Value Fund, likes to methodically build a portfolio of small-cap companies whose track record and capacity of compounding earnings come at an attractive price due to temporary problems. >>

Knowing Well What You Own
Neuberger Berman Genesis Fund  (NBGNX, NBGIX)
11:05 AM ET April 10 2017
As small-cap companies go through rapid changes, they do not always have easy access to capital markets. Still, companies with profitable business models and disciplined management can sustain their growth rate with the help of proper capital allocation. Brett Reiner, Associate Portfolio Manager of the Neuberger Berman Genesis Fund, and a team of analysts scour the small-cap universe in search of high-quality businesses with such characteristics. >>

Boring Is Beautiful
Value Line Small Cap Opportunities Fund  (VLEOX, VLEIX)
2:15 PM ET April 07 2017
High-quality small-cap companies with a track record of steady earnings growth may not appear cheap on standard measurements. But when viewed from the perspective of earnings capacity and durability, many of these consistent earners offer compelling investment opportunities. Stephen Grant, portfolio manager of the Value Line Small Cap Opportunities Fund, takes a long-term perspective on valuation in search of quality and growth in the small-cap space. >>

A Three-Prong Quant Approach to Small Caps
PNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Growth Fund  (PLWAX, PLTIX)
3:34 PM ET March 31 2017
Successful investing in small-cap companies requires both quantitative and qualitative analysis. The portfolio team of the PNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Growth Fund has developed a broad quantitative methodology that relies on three-level evaluation of business momentum, investor interest, and reasonable price compared to peers. With this systematic approach, the fund seeks to avoid most of the downside while capturing most of the upside. >>

Behave When Others Misbehave
Sterling Capital Behavioral Small Cap Value Equity Fund  (SPSAX, SPSCX)
11:41 AM ET March 30 2017
Seeking comfort in the company of others, investors are inherently prone to follow peers when it comes to buying and selling. Simply put, investors’ behavior is often at odds with their well-being. Robert Weller and Robert Bridges explain how the Sterling Capital Behavioral Small Cap Value Equity Fund managers follows a systematic approach to identifying market opportunities based on the principles of behavioral finance. >>

Rise and Rise of Natural Gas Distributors
Hennessy Gas Utility Fund  (GASFX, HGASX)
2:01 PM ET March 23 2017
In the last decade as a result of abundant supplies, low and stable pricing and environmental benefits, natural gas has steadily replaced coal as the preferred fuel for generating electricity. Skip Aylesworth and Ryan Kelley explain how the Hennessy Gas Utility Fund invests in gas distribution companies that are benefiting from the surge in natural gas consumption and transportation. >>

Allocation, Selection, and Caution
James Balanced: Golden Rainbow Fund  (GLRBX, GLRIX)
10:48 AM ET March 15 2017
Long-term investors are unlikely to forget how much one makes is important, but what one keeps matters more. Barry R. James, portfolio manager of the James Balanced: Golden Rainbow Fund, utilizes proprietary research while allocating capital between stocks and bonds in search of securities with the potential to generate returns with the least amount of risk. >>

Strategic in Corporate Turnarounds
Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund  (OFSAX, OFSCX)
8:35 AM ET March 09 2017
Investors tend to punish first and ask questions later as soon as small-cap stocks stumble. However, these smaller companies can overcome temporary problems and regain their growth profile if management stays focused on building the business. Eric R. Heyman, portfolio manager of the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund, is a patient investor looking for long-term turnaround investment opportunities. >>

Margin of Safety in High Yield Bonds
RidgeWorth Seix High Income Fund  (SAHIX, STHTX)
11:13 AM ET March 08 2017
Investing in high yield bonds is always a research-intensive process. With the help of in-house analysis from industry specialists, Michael Kirkpatrick, portfolio manager of the RidgeWorth Seix High Income Fund, consistently applies a five-step approach when making purchases for the portfolio. >>

Seeking Relative Value in High Yield
Prudential High Yield Fund  (PBHAX)
5:19 PM ET March 03 2017
High yield bonds can offer an attractive risk reward profile but the asset class is not without risks and potential volatility. The Prudential High Yield Fund seeks relative value in primarily higher-quality, high-yield bonds that are carefully researched by analysts and portfolio managers. >>

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