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Margin of Safety in High Yield Bonds
RidgeWorth Seix High Income Fund  (SAHIX, STHTX)
11:13 AM ET March 08 2017
Investing in high yield bonds is always a research-intensive process. With the help of in-house analysis from industry specialists, Michael Kirkpatrick, portfolio manager of the RidgeWorth Seix High Income Fund, consistently applies a five-step approach when making purchases for the portfolio. >>

Seeking Relative Value in High Yield
Prudential High Yield Fund  (PBHAX)
5:19 PM ET March 03 2017
High yield bonds can offer an attractive risk reward profile but the asset class is not without risks and potential volatility. The Prudential High Yield Fund seeks relative value in primarily higher-quality, high-yield bonds that are carefully researched by analysts and portfolio managers. >>

Opportunistic and Selective in High Yields
Artisan High Income Fund  (ARTFX, APDFX)
11:56 AM ET March 01 2017
An active investment approach can only benefit from market inefficiencies, according to Bryan Krug, portfolio manager of the Artisan High Income Fund. The management team looks for strong business models where a credit improvement is expected over time. A key part of the fundís strategy is identifying value across the entire capital structure with the help of extensive credit research. >>

High Yield in High Business Quality
Federated Institutional High Yield Bond Fund  (FIHBX, FIHLX)
9:09 AM ET February 16 2017
High yield bonds issued by heavily leveraged companies often garner most skeptical views from rating agencies. However, even under a debt-laden capital structure, high quality businesses will often deliver attractive returns for investors. The team behind the Federated Institutional High Yield Bond Fund seeks to invest in leading businesses with strong franchise value. >>

Higher Quality in High Yield Bonds
Angel Oak High Yield Opportunities Fund  (ANHAX, ANHIX)
13:31 PM ET February 09 2017
Investing in high yield bonds requires not only a selection of bonds and issuers but also disciplined risk budgeting. Matthew Kennedy and James Hentges, portfolio managers of the Angel Oak High Yield Opportunities Fund, work with a team of analysts and marry the securities selection process with the macro views in building a fund invested in higher-quality issuers of high yielding securities. >>

Relative Value in High Yield Bonds
MassMutual Premier High Yield Fund  (MPHZX, MPHAX)
10:34 AM ET February 07 2017
Investing in high yield bonds can be rewarding for disciplined investors who can use the inherent inefficiencies of this market to their advantage. Sean Feeley, portfolio manager of the Mass Mutual Premier High Yield Fund, and a dedicated team of researchers use deep credit analysis to discover relative value with a long-term investing horizon. >>

Tactical and Dynamic
AB High Income Fund  (AGDAX, AGDYX)
13:00 PM ET February 03 2017
There are two prominent styles of investing when it comes to high-yield bonds. One involves seeking higher returns through riskier bonds, and the other relies on investing in highe- quality bonds and avoiding defaults. Gershon Distenfeld, portfolio manager of the AB High Income Fund, takes a flexible approach to investing, often with a contrarian view of the market. >>

Market Cycle Contrarian in High Yield
Neuberger Berman High Income Bond Fund  (NHIAX, NHILX)
11:56 AM ET January 24 2017
The high yield market has evenly expanded from mid-sized and smaller companies to large issuers as bonds have gained more favor in recent years. However, investors remain aware of the potential downsides of high yield bonds, such as equity-like volatility, lack of liquidity, and significant credit risks. Portfolio manager Patrick Flynn explains how the Neuberger Berman High Income Bond Fund benefits from a large research team in search of investment opportunities among larger companies with significant cash flows and long-term track records. >>

Relative Value with Thematic Views
Invesco High Yield Fund  (AMHYX)
9:39 AM ET January 13 2017
The high yield bond market tends to wilt at a rate that is faster than most investors can react to when economic recessions set in generating negative portfolio returns. Scott Roberts, portfolio manager of the Invesco High Yield Fund, and a team of sector based research analysts maintain a pure portfolio of high yield bonds, combining bottom-up security selection with economic outlook in order to stay ahead of credit and business cycles. >>

Changing Equity Outcomes Through Hedging
Swan Defined Risk Fund  (SDRAX, SDRIX)
8:35 AM ET January 12 2017
Given the volatility of markets, long-only portfolios may not be appropriate for investors who cannot stomach market gyrations. Randy Swan, Lead Portfolio Manager of the Swan Defined Risk Fund, stays true to his always invested, always hedged strategy, with the objective of delivering consistent returns over a full market cycle. >>

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