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Cheap Compounders with Catalysts
Evermore Global Value Fund  (EVGBX, EVGIX)
12:09 PM EST November 20 2017
More often than not stocks that are out of favor remain so over a long period of time until eventually the businesses restructure, merge or new management takes over. However, many of these companies continue to be under the radar, even with value investors, who may be too slow and cautious to reconsider their potential. David Marcus, portfolio manager of the Evermore Global Value Fund, and his team of global analysts apply their operating experience to maintain a portfolio of such cheap stocks with catalyst characteristics. >>

Buying Great Companies at a Discount
Oppenheimer Global Value Fund  (GLVAX )
10:18 AM EST November 16 2017
Investors have a daunting task when it comes to selecting from several thousand companies to invest, and the problem is only compounded when they are searching for opportunities around the world. Randall Dishmon firmly believes that great companies stand out regardless of where they operate, but the portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer Global Value Fund always sticks to a strict price discipline when exploring the globe for ideas. >>

Base Case, Upside and Downside
AMG Trilogy Emerging Markets Equity Fund  (TLEVX)
12:44 PM EST November 14 2017
A broader global perspective and a highly experienced team are among the key differentiators at the AMG Trilogy Emerging Markets Equity fund. Portfolio manager Pablo Salas navigates the seas of emerging markets relying on a bottom-up approach, fundamental research, quant screens, and macro trend analysis. With risk management embedded in the process of security selection, the fund aims to invest in sustainable growth companies at a reasonable price. >>

Unique and Alternative Data
Goldman Sachs International Equity Insights Fund  (GCIAX)
9:29 AM EST November 13 2017
Investment managers are becoming increasingly capable of processing vast amounts of qualitative and quantitative data with advances in computing technology. Osman Ali, portfolio manager of the GS International Equity Insights Fund, benefits from the consistent input of a dedicated quantitative team in systematically analyzing constantly changing information in order to detect inflection points and make informed, forward-looking decisions. >>

Selective and Risk Aware for Long-Term Value
Advisory Research International Small Cap Value Fund  (ADVIX, ADVLX)
11:09 AM EST November 10 2017
Most international mutual funds are focused on large-cap companies and global factors, but there are smaller gems in the under-researched international space that are just as attractive. Kevin Ross, portfolio manager of the Advisory Research International Small Cap Value Fund, relies on a structured investment process in discovering undervalued stocks with operational or strategic paths to unlock the value while preserving capital through the investment cycle. >>

A Risk-Aware Approach to Bank Loans
Credit Suisse Floating Rate High Income Fund  (CHIAX, CSHIX)
11:46 AM EST November 09 2017
While bank loans offer a better position in capital structure, which is attractive to those seeking safety of principal, retail investors rarely have access to bank loan portfolios that offer a different risk-reward profile. John G. Popp, Chief Investment Officer and a portfolio manager of the Credit Suisse Floating Rate High Income Fund, and a comprehensive research team of analysts seek lower-volatility returns by constructing an actively managed portfolio of carefully selected bank loans. >>

Best Ideas with Contrarian Views
Hartford International Equity Fund  (HDVAX)
8:48 AM EST November 06 2017
Not all financial markets are as efficient as the developed U.S. market. For investors with contrarian views and research resources, however, out-of-favor stocks in Canada, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region can be particularly attractive. Kent Stahl, portfolio manager of the Hartford International Equity Fund, complements the input of a global research team with a factor-based risk management approach to build a diversified portfolio. >>

Investing in Persistent High Achievers
Guinness Atkinson Dividend Builder Fund  (GAINX)
10:34 AM EDT November 02 2017
Established companies generating returns that exceed their cost of capital tend to have anchored business models in a stable customer base, efficient management, and strong balance sheets. Moreover, these businesses are likely to maintain their market dominance and share some of the excess cash flow with investors. Matthew Page, portfolio manager of the Guinness Atkinson Dividend Builder Fund, maintains a concentrated portfolio by investing in companies that share such characteristics. >>

Concentrated in High Growth Opportunities
Marsico International Opportunities Fund  (MIOFX)
11:56 AM EDT November 01 2017
Management quality plays a crucial role when companies are poised to accelerate growth. Robert Susman, co-portfolio manager of the Marsico International Opportunities Fund, and his global team of analysts search for and invest in businesses with highly recurring or subscription-based models as sources of healthy cash flows. >>

Cost of Capital Beaters
Polaris Global Value Fund  (PGVFX)
10:47 AM EDT October 31 2017
Companies generating profits exceed their cost of capital, display healthier business profiles, and are also attractive investments, especially if their stocks are out of favor for temporary reasons. Bernard R. Horn, Jr., president of Polaris Capital Management, LLC and portfolio manager of the Polaris Global Value Fund, builds his portfolio from this narrow list of stocks discovered from around the world. >>

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